company profile

Only Certified Class 100,000 Facility in the region:

RAK Ghani is the only plant in the region, featuring a certified Class 100,000 Clean Room Facility, giving it a strategic and competitive edge over other glass containers manufacturers. The alpha pharmaceutical amber glass containers being produced at RGG are safe, hygienic and ready safe for filling lines of the pharmaceutical companies. The clean room is certified as per the internationally accepted ISO 14644 – 1/Class 100,000 Clean Room certification and is equipped with highly sophisticated machinery and equipments from the world class manufacturers, including Emhart, Anotonini, Horn and Zippe.

New product development:

RAK Ghani features one of the industry’s most highly regarded, expert and professional technical team, supported with a back up of strong in house R&D and expertise in all processes, procedures and controls, with a high success rate for new production runs, fast paced innovation in glass formations and designs. This gives RAK Ghani a technical edge over competitors and enables to achieve highest standards of quality in all its glass packaging and enables to fulfill the customized requirements of its esteemed customers.

Strategic location:

RAK Ghani is strategically located, properly machined, clean, safe and efficient, with a comprehensive reach within the region and across-the-board coverage globally. Moreover, Export competitiveness, proximity to GCC, MENA, South Asian and European markets gives RAK GHANI an additional edge.

We are responsive:

RAK Ghani’s technical and marketing team is highly responsive to any complaint and trouble shooting from production till final receipt of goods. Benchmarks are set for ensuring professional and effective after sales customer’s services in order to achieve and maintain highest level of customer satisfaction and delight. All necessary steps are undertaken at each level of interaction with the customers to ensure customer retention and positive brand image building.

Production with extensive quality assurance:

RAK Ghani Glass ensures that all international quality standards are met with at all level of production at the plant. Specially trained and professionally skilled quality control supervisors and managers are deployed to guarantee quality at all levels of production.

Values-based leadership:

RAK Ghani’s business philosophy is based on integrity, Accountability, communication, teamwork, quality, process discipline and data-driven decision making. We believe in long-term relationships with our customers and embark on all practices to ensure the same at each level of connections with the customers. Even our relationships with our suppliers are also at the same level of commitment and association. RGG’s customer retention ratio is a support to the tagline.

Indigenous Raw material:

RAK Ghani Glass has a superlative advantage over others, as the parent company of Ghani Group called Ghani Glass Limited, owns and operates largest silica sand mines (the basic raw material in glass production) in Pakistan in the private sector, giving RGG a strategic competitive point of difference as the finest quality raw material becomes easily available to RGG. This facilitates RAK Ghani to achieve low production costs while ensuring high standards of production quality.